The Oscar Group of Companies is a family run business, it is now the largest and oldest running company based in Northern Cyprus with a combined estimated market value of approximately 300 million dollars.
Also employing a workforce of around 900 personal from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. The Oscar Group of Companies is today jointly run by the Oskar family,  Mr Erdem Oskar being the Co President and appointing his four children as directors and equal shareholders of the company.
The Group’s investments include a large number of subsidiary companies ranging from  hotel chains, self drive car hire, importation/distribution, water production, tourism, catering, solar energy,  new and used vehicle sales.

Group Hotels

Group Companies

Historical Places of interest

  • Lefkoşa (Old Bazaar, The Great Hammam, Border, downtown, Mevlevi Dervish…)
  • Girne (Old Harbour, Kyrenia Castle, St. Hilarion Catle, Bufavento Castle, Bellapais Abbey, Hz. Omer Tomb, Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque, Akhiropiitos Monastery , Antiphonitis Church, Baldoken Ancient Graveyard, Bandabuliya

Bellapais Abbey ,  Buffavento Castle,  Byzantine Catacombs,  Chyrsopolitissa Church,  Fine Arts Museum,  Folk Arts Museum,  Hasan Kavizade Huseyin Efendi Fountain,  Hazreti Omer Tomb, Icon Museum (Archangelos Mikhael Church),  Karmi Necropolis,  Karmi Village


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