North Cyprus Wild Donkeys

Karpas Donkeys
North Cyprus wild donkeys are not so much wild as liberated, being descended from Cypriot domestic donkeys left to roam over the Karpas Peninsula National Park. Now a protected animal, the Karpas donkey numbers have dwindled from thousands to around 500 animals today, who live on the remotest parts of the peninsula. These grey, brown or black donkeys are very bad tempered and intolerant, so it is advisable not to get too close, and to warn children to look but not touch.
Donkeys on North Cyprus

The donkeys played a very important role in agriculture on the Karpas peninsula, to carry olives from the groves and cereals fro the fields to the mills. Every household had at least one, if not two donkeys, which were sure-footed and able to carry more than a horse. The British Army even used them for transport during World War II, as they were so suited to the rough terrain. However, by the 1970s, tractors and trucks began to replace the donkeys.