The Bufavento Castle



As the name implies, this castle is buffeted by the winds, and standing at 3,100 feet it is the highest and most inaccessible of the three castles. To get there, take the turning that is signposted at the top of the Five Finger mountain pass and follow the route for a little over four miles. All along this approach road there are magnificent views over the Mesaoria plain and the City of Lefkosa (Nicosia). Goats will be seen browsing among the bushes and somewhere a sleepy goatherd will be having a nap under a tree.

For most of the way, the castle will be visible, but tantalisingly for quite a while it never seems to get any closer. As the route twists and turns round a rocky bluff, the castle will disappear and then suddenly it is in view again. There is a slight turn to the right that accesses the car park where there is a solitary olive tree and a memorial to the crew of an aircraft that perished in a mountaintop crash in 1988. This is where you leave the car and start to walk.

There are gently graded concrete steps, interspersed with low walls upon which to rest from the arduous climb. There are always wonderful views in every direction to have a chance to pause and get ones breath back or seek out the flowers that grow on the hillside. As with the other two castles the terrain is rich in flora, and the best time to see it is the Spring.

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