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Holiday in North Cyprus
No Turkish town is complete without a market and the Nicosia market lives up to all expectations. It is easy to find, being very close to the Selimiye mosque and is an Aladdin’s emporium of everything imaginable. From cheap plastic combs and disposable razors, to basket ware, silverware, clothing, fresh vegetables in astounding variety, meat stalls, dried fruit and nuts, and of course the one comestible that everyone should take back as a souvenir, delicious Turkish Delight.
In accordance with the rest of the Muslim world, festivals and religious holidays are observed in accordance with the calendar and the phases of the moon. This means that the major festivals are moveable and it is always advisable to check with a travel agent about peak times for travelling. Christian festivals are not celebrated in North Cyprus but that does not mean the Turkish Cypriots do not take advantage of the holiday. Many of them who have made their homes overseas will return to the country of their birth and make the most of the European holiday period.
The two most important religious festivals for all Muslims are Ramadan, (a period of thirty days of daylight fasting, followed by three days of feasting), and the Kurban Bayram (Feast of the Sacrifice) which lasts for four days and takes place approximately two months after the end of Ramadan.
There are an additional nine days that are allocated as Public Holidays when all utility offices and Government departments are closed.
Turtle (Alagadı) Beach
Alagadi (Turtle) Beach | Kyrenia 19km from Kyrenia is Turtle (Alagadı) Beach, where the Society for the Protection of Turtles (SPOT) has a small monitoring station, affectionately called the ‘Goat Shed’. The twin sandy beaches here are generally undeveloped and are strictly speaking total turtle territory. Swim elsewhere if you can. The beach is closed from 20:00 to 08:00 from May to October.


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