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The Oscar Group of Companies is a family run business, it is now the largest and oldest running company based in Northern Cyprus with a combined estimated market value of approximately 300 million dollars.

Five Star Vuni Palace Hotel

Four Star Oscar Resort Hotel

Four Star Hotel Olive Tree

Three Star Bellapais Monastery Village

Three Star Oscar Park Hotel Famagusta, Cyprus

Kantara Palace Ltd. Grand Pasha Kantara Palace Hotel.

The Oscar Group of Companies is a family run business, it is now the largest and oldest running company based in Northern Cyprus with a combined estimated market value of approximately 300 million dollars. Also employing a workforce of around 900 personal from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. The Oscar Group of Companies is today jointly run by the Oskar family, Mr Erdem Oskar being the Co President and appointing his four children as directors and equal shareholders of the company. The Group’s investments include a large number of subsidairy companies ranging from  hotel chains, self drive car hire, importation/distribution, water production, tourism, catering, solar energy,  new and used vehicle sales.  Somebody once stated ‘’The sky is the limit !’’. We believe there is no limit!

Oscar Rent a Car;
The company was originally set up in 1958 by Mr Erdem Oskar at RAF and Army headquarters in Episkopi, Cyprus. The company’s first investment was Oscar Car Hire. Unfortunately in 1974 fighting broke out on the island and as many Cypriots during this painful period, Mr Oskar also lost and left behind his home and business’s and was forced to start all over again. The company was then relocated in Kyrenia North Cyprus where Mr Oskar began to rebuild his empire. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and has exceedingly achieved  in all of it’s business ventures. In 1975, the Oscar group opened a petrol station and ran the business in conjunction with the car hire company. Today, Oscar car hire is one of the largest car rental companies employing 40 personnel to maintain and run their fleet of over 300 vehicles.

Oscar Resort Hotel;

beach (2) Kyrenia North Cyprus

After many hard years Mr Oskar successfully rebuilt his company and in 1987 decided to invest into a small hotel with only 20 rooms. Oscar Resort Hotel was born, in hindsight this was to be the begining of greater things to evolve. Twenty seven years later Oscar Resort Hotel boasts 254 rooms with a bed capacity of 600. Oscar Resort Hotel is a 4 star complex located in a prime location 1.5 kms from Kyrenia city centre.It was recently rewarded in 2014 for it’s achievements by, inturn making history by being the first and only hotel to date in North Cyprus to receive this award. The hotel has equally received awards from in 2013 and 2014 consectively. Oscar Resort Hotels’ accolades have been earned through it’s professional and friendly staff of 160 employees.

Bellapais Monastery Village;
pool 15

Over the years as the hotel business and tourism began to increase Mr Oskar sought the opportunity to reinvest and purchased the company’s second hotel, Bellapais Monastery Village. Aiming for a change of concept, Bellapais Monastery Village is a small boutique hotel located in the picturesque mountains of Bellapais, a perfect retreat offering fantastic views with 65 rooms and employing 40 highly dedicated staff

Vuni Palace Hotel;
2006 saw the birth of the group’s third hotel Vuni Palace. Situated in close proximity to it’s sister hotel Oscar Resort, allowing guests to have full use of either hotel’s facilities. Vuni Palace was completed an opened for business in 2006 having been constructed on land aquired as an investment by the group back in 2003. The hotel is a 5 star complex welcoming guests from Turkey and Europe, it currently has a total of 176 rooms with a count of staff at 180. However plans to extend the hotel have already began and the estimated date of completion is by the end of 2015. The extention of an additional 94 rooms will make it the groups largest hotel with a total of 270 rooms

Olive Tree Hotel;
In 2014 the group made the decision to purchase Olive Tree Hotel, an existing resort in need of major renovation.The hotel was once owed by  Turkish Cypriot business man, Asil Nadir.   It was a massive project taking 9 months, the hotel was completely striped from top to bottom &  totally refurbished. Olive Tree is a 4 star rated hotel, altho plans to upgrade it to a 5 star complex are soon to be announced. The elevated resort is beautifully nestled in the tranquil village of Catalkoy, overlooking Kyrenia and the five finger mountain range. The hotels accommodation has been extended to 137 rooms and is managed by it’s 80 staff. It’s facilities include a Spa center, Traditional Irish Pub as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Partnership with CYXP;
As the Oscar group expanded and tourism grew,it’s next strategy was to become a partner and shareholder with CYXP (Cyprus XP Travel). CYXP at the time were one of the biggest players in the tourism sector. A travel agent offering incoming and outgoing flights to North Cyprus as well as accommodation. CYXP too have grown in stature, they now manage Santora Holiday Village and are a GSI for Pegasus Airlines who fly from all over Europe to Turkey and Northern Cyprus. CYXP are also the UPS delivery agent here in North Cyprus.

In the summer of 2014 the Group were appointed the agency in North Cyprus for Gest Energy, importing solar panels direct from it’s manufacturer in Turkey. Gest Oskar’s initial undertaking was the conversion of solar energy to Vuni Palace Hotel, installing over 700 solar panels to generate electricity for the hotels renewable energy. Gest Oskar offers professional advise and affordable programs including full installation to both commercial and residental premises. Currently employing a small workforce of 15 personnal consisting of engineers and management team. This number is estimated to double over the coming 12 months as more and more people are realizing the profitable benefits that can be obtained with renewable energy

Kantara Palace Hotel (Grand Pasha);
After many years of detailed planning and construction, Kantara Palace Hotel was completed in 2013.With a 5 star boutique hotel concept in the heart of Kyrenia, location in the midst of the blue of the Mediterranean and the picturesque view of the Five Fingers mountains. With a total of 128 rooms including 24 suits and employing a total of 100 personnal. Offering A la Carte dining whilst serving the most special flavours of the Mediterranean and World cuisines. The hotel also houses a Ballroom that can accomodate 700 people, to host conventions and events. The hotel’s Spa is among the most luxurious SPA centres of Kyrenia in a 1000 square meter space including a traditional Turkish Hammam

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