The town of Lefke, near Guzelyurt, possesses much more important historical riches than its neighbour. Lefke is a mixture of coastline and vast mountains, lush with citrus groves. It is the only place in Cyprus where the Yafa oranges are grown, and it is also popular for growing soft fruit. Three dams provide constant water all year round, which is why agriculture is so successful in this region.The coastline has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy Turkish cuisine or fresh fish, and make use of their beach facilities. Working your way up to Lefke’s town centre takes you through mountains overlooked by the Troodos, so close that you can see its snow capped summits in the winter. In the centre of Lefke is Ataturk Park, which is host to events such as cookery competitions, and an annual fair held in the middle of August celebrating the freedom of Lefke during the war

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The sunk ship exhibited in the Kyrenia Castle was built in 389 BC and was 80 years old. About 400 pieces Anphoras, 29 basalt millstones, about 9000 pieces of almond were found in this sunk ship that was thought to be a cargo ship during Hellenistic ages after the death of Alexander.

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ou may rent a car in the South and cross over to the North. On the other hand, when you rent a car in the North, you are not allowed to cross over the south. Only personally owned cars can cross over to the South (basically a car that is not a rental car or displaying the rental licence plates which are red). For your connivance there are also rental agencies near the crossing points so you may rent a car once you cross over. However, please note that insurance purchased from one side is not applicable to the other. So when you cross you will need to purchase insurance if you plan to drive on the other side.

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