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salamis ruins

The Girne Fine Arts Museum is situated to the west of the town, near the military hospital. The building was erected in 1938, and opened as a museum in 1975. The museum contains European paintings and ceramics, together with objects from the Far East. Interior of Girne fine arts museum Fine Arts Museum Display. The items in the museum are displayed in three groups. There are various styles of oil paintings in the first group, some of which are original, and some are simply copies. The second group is the richest displayed in the museum. These works are from the Far East, and give us some idea of the captivating elegance of the art. Decorated with mother of pearl and ivory on a lacquered surface, silk materials decorated with colourful silk threads, handiworks, pictures on material and paper, metal and porcelain works are some of the products which can be seen.
European porcelain works can be seen in the third group, especially dinner sets, jugs, vases and various lamps.
Cypriots have come to think of the beauty of the Karpaz as sacred, like the Apostolos Andreas Monastery at the tip of the peninsula. The monastery is a key religious site, and the focus for Greek Cypriot pilgrimages on the important festivals of Orthodox Easter and St Andrew’s day. A fortified monastery stood on this craggy shoreline in the 12th century, from where Isaac Commenos negotiated his surrender to Richard the Lionheart. The oldest surviving building is a 15th century seaside chapel, now essentially a crypt below the main icon-decorated church.
To the north of Dipkarpaz lie the spectacular seafront ruins of Ayios Philon, part of what was once Carpasia. Stones from the ancient city were used to build a 10th century church, the ruins of which still stand, and mosaics are still visible from a far earlier basilica.

Just five miles away are the remnants of Aphendrika, said to have been one of the island’s foremost cities, where you can see Cyprus’s oldest surviving domed church.
Mediterranean on your right, your left, and ahead! Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

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